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Pro Musica Spiritus editions are manufactured using the latest digital software for music and text typography, and they are printed with UHR inkjet technology on the finest printing papers available. Our Performer's Editions and School Editions truly set the standard to which the new generation of P-O-D publishing houses must aspire.

But technology is only a tool, and whilst it can enable, it cannot create. To create a musical edition that meets the highest standards of quality requires people who can use that technology intelligently, and with the ultimate goal—performance—kept firmly in mind at all times. Pro Musica Spiritus takes great pride in the skill, knowledge, and artistic excellence of the editorial and design teams who are collectively responsible for the appearance and content of our scores and parts. All editions are based on extensive musicological research, and are produced with a particular attention to such crucial elements as staff scaling and page turns, layout stretch and line breaks, and staff and system spacing. The result is an edition of the utmost musical integrity, with scores and parts which satisfy the differing needs of conductors, instrumentalists, and singers.

We publish three categories of editions in two formats. Urtext Editions and Integral Transcriptions are carefully edited from the most authoritative sources available, and include a full commentary and critical report. Arrangements for consorts and chamber orchestras often include new parts written by the editor, but are based upon the same authoritative original sources as our urtext editions and integral transcriptions. A brief commentary is included with most arrangements. All three categories of editions are available as both Performer's Editions and School Editions.

Our Performer's Editions are printed on 80-lb. vellum, and will withstand many decades of use, mark-up, and erasures. These editions are ideal for solo and ensemble performers, state and university music libraries, and other users who require scores and parts which can withstand the rigours of constant use over many years. All Performer's Editions are supplied in a twin-pocket folder for easy archiving in your music library, and come with a full score and a complete set of parts.

Our School Editions are intended for music educators who are hesitant to loan valuable original parts to young students. Printed on substantial 24-lb. bond paper with self-covers, these editions can be sold at a lower cost than our Performer's Editions and are the ideal solution for budget-conscious educational institutions which wish to provide their students with the best music from the repertoire at a reduced price. School Editions include a full score and one copy of each part, as well as a limited license to photocopy individual parts for distribution to students. School Editions are available for purchase by primary and secondary school educators, music camps, and directors of community youth chorales and ensembles. (Registration as an accredited institutional purchaser is required; please address your application to Sales@promusicaspiritus.com.)

Please note that we do not publish digital editions.



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