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Editions Pro Musica Spiritus is an international cooperative, and as such has people working in all parts of the world in small offices and telecommuting across many different time zones. There is consequently no central office to respond to telephone calls, and we respect our clients far too much to 'outsource' customer service to an offshore call center staffed by entry-level workers who know nothing about the products they sell other than what is written in the scripts on their computer screens.

Below you will find e-mail addresses for each of the major divisions of the organisation. Response time varies, but is rarely longer than 24 hours. Please be assured that if your question requires a discussion by telephone, we will make arrangements by e-mail to call you at your convenience (and at our expense).

All general questions about the coöperative and its products should be addressed to queries@promusicaspiritus.com

The editorial and research offices can be reached at: Editorial@promusicaspiritus.com
If you know the name of the editor you are trying to reach, you can e-mail that person directly using the context [first initial].[last name]@promusicaspiritus.com. Otherwise, send your enquiry to the general editorial mailbox and it will be directed to the proper person.

The editor in chief and director of design is T.H. Richards. If you are a composer, or a musicologist who wishes to submit a newly-discovered score for consideration, Mr. Richards can be reached at:

Questions about ordering and sales should be addressed to Richard M. Wood:

Enquiries about employment and administration should be addressed to Edward Cosbey:

All web-related issues should be addressed to our web-services office at:



Principal Editorial and Production Offices
Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Associate Editorial and Research Offices
Montreal, Quebec; River Hills, Manitoba; Dusseldorf,. Germany

New York, N.Y.
Web Services
Oceanside, California