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Pro Musica Spiritus is an international coöperative of musicians, graphic designers, translators, and musicologists working in all parts of the world to produce the finest in new editions of early music. A particular emphasis is placed upon the lesser-known composers and works of the period from 1600 to 1775.

Large publishing houses are unable to publish most of this repertoire due to the high set-up costs of traditional offset printing, but in the digital age a new business model has emerged which makes it economically feasible to publish serious editions of works which have been ignored in the past due to very real financial constraints. That new business model is called 'Print-on-demand' and it is made possible by the digital technology of the 21st century.

Briefly stated, P-O-D publishing relies upon the ability of small firms to produce professional-quality editions one copy at a time, using relatively inexpensive software to produce a digital file which can then be printed on ultra-high-resolution (UHR) inkjet printers. Because there are virtually no set-up costs, it is no longer necessary to print a thousand copies of an edition in order to reduce the unit cost to a tolerable level. P-O-D publishers print individual orders as they are received, are thus able to offer editions which might take many years to sell a thousand copies, and to do so without losing large amounts of money on them.

In the final analysis, the winners in this new generation of publishing are today's performers, who can now be offered publications of great musical value at competitive prices even if those editions do not have the popular sales appeal of the standard repertoire. There is an incredible wealth of excellent but little-known music slumbering in the state and university music libraries of the world; Editions Pro Musica Spiritus takes as its mission to publish the best of this repertoire for the benefit of musicians whose vision goes beyond the usual and the ordinary.


Principal Editorial and Production Offices
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