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Concerto a piu Istromenti & la Fluta
For soprano recorder solo with chamber orchestra

Edition details

Composer: Giuseppe Baldassare Sammartini (1695-1750)

Date: c.1729-37

Key: F Major

Form: Solo concerto in three movements

Style: Late Baroque

Original Scoring: Soprano recorder and strings

Source: Copyist/composer's manuscript (provenance uncertain) written in two hands; held in the Musik-och teaterbiblioteket (Music and Theatre Library) in Stockholm, Sweden

Editor: T.H. Richards

Editorial Category : Arrangement; in the original key.

Edition Scoring: Soprano recorder, Traverso, Alto recorder; Tenor recorder; Bass recorder; Violoncello/Viola da gamba. (No bass figuring.)

Contents: Full score, commentary, source notes, and six instrumental parts (49 pages total)

Comments: This is one of the great solo works for the soprano recorder, and is a very accessible showpiece for advanced amateurs. The writing is highly idiomatic, so there are few difficulties with fingering. The second-movement Largo is extremely lyrical, and includes a break for a solo cadenza. (A suggested candenza by the editor is included in the score.)

This arrangement can be adapted quite easily to performance by a full recorder consort by assigning the traverso part to an additional tenor, and the violoncello part to a great bass.

Commentary and source notes in English, French, and German.



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Includes full score, six instrumental parts, and an eco-friendly music folder.

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