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Concerto Flauto Zerzetto
Concerto for Third Flute, GraunWV Cv:XIII:127

Edition Details

Composer: Johann Gottlieb Graun (1702-1771)

Date: c. 1745 (?)

Key: F Major

Form: Concerto for soloist and chamber orchestra

Style: Late Baroque/Pre-Classical

Original Scoring: Third flute (flute in E-flat) and strings.

Source: Copyist's manuscript from the archives of the Dresden State Orchestra (Schrank II collection)

Editor: T.H. Richards

Editorial Category: Integral transcription; in the original key.

Edition Scoring: Alto recorder (solo); Traverso; Tenor Recorder; Violoncello/Viola da gamba. (No bass figuring.)

Contents: Full score, historical commentary, critical report, and four instrumental parts (48 pages total)

Comments: This work is a fine example of the early pre-Classical style, and includes stylistic elements that Mozart subsequently used in his later concertos. It is a virtuoso show-piece, well-suited to performers who wish to demonstrate their technical abilities, but is not beyond the compass of advanced amateurs wanting to stretch their range. The tessitura of the solo part is high, and comprises the whole range of the alto recorder. Soloists who are not comfortable playing up to a high G at speed will find this piece a challenge.

The solo part includes an ornamented ossia by the editor for the repeats in the second movement.

Commentary and critical report in English, French, and German.

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