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Original Title: Ne reminiscaris Domine from 'Sei Antifons'

Composer: Francesco Barsanti (1690-1775)

Date: c. 1742-3

Key: Modal

Form: Imitative polyphonic motet for five voices

Style: Palestrinian counterpoint

Original Scoring: Soprano; Mezzo; Alto; Tenor; Bass

Source: First published edition (Peter Welcker, London; undated but presumed to be after 1762); held by the Yale University Music Library at New Haven, Connecticut (USA)

Editor: T.H. Richards

Editorial Category: Arrangement. Transposed to one flat.

Edition Scoring: Alto recorder I; Alto recorder II; Tenor recorder I; Tenor recorder II; Bass recorder

Contents: Full score and five instrumental parts (17 pages total).

Comments: The antifons of Barsanti lend themselves extraordinarily well to arrangements for recorder consort, and as there are few technical demands for the players, this piece is particularly appropriate for younger students to learn to play contrapuntal music.

In this arrangement the voices notated in C clefs have been transposed to the appropriate G clefs. The time signature has been modernised from 4:2 to 4:4 (and the music re-notated accordingly) to make reading easier for less-experienced musicians.

The lyrics of the original vocal motet are included in both the score and the parts, to aid players in their interpretation of the phrasing.

This edition contains a bonus score of the gavotte and variations from Barsanti's third recorder sonata in g minor.



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